Language Concentration: Spanish

As the second-most widely spoken language in the world, Spanish is a critical language for professionals across all fields of specialization. Spanish is also the most common non-English language spoken in the U.S., where Hispanics comprise an estimated 18% of the population.

The Spanish program of the School of Modern Languages is dedicated to preparing global leaders responsive to the challenges of a diverse workplace and adept at thinking and communicating across cultures. Our faculty-led study abroad programs in Mexico, Ecuador, Peru and Spain provide rich immersive experiences, with service learning and internship programs to engage students with Spanish-speaking communities. Our coursework combines project-based learning with research, fieldwork and problem-solving activities that build professional-level language proficiency and intercultural competence. Faculty expertise includes digital culture, business, sustainable development, social justice, media studies, and cultural history.


Study Abroad Opportunities

  • Mexico: Language for Business and Technology Program (Mexico City, Puebla, and Chiapas)
  • Spain: Language for Business and Technology Program (Madrid and Granada)
  • Barcelona: Language for Business and Technology Program (Barcelona)