Language Concentration: Russian

The Russian program at Georgia Tech features rigorous content-based study of the matrices and fault lines which define Russian, Soviet and post-Soviet culture. Our strengths lie in the study of cultural memory – and its ideologized manipulations; systems of artistic signification and their historical development; Russian poetry, prose and song in their cultural contexts; and intersections of literature and science.

Working with us, you can achieve a high level of real-world linguistic and cultural competence (Our undergraduate majors have regularly completed our programs with official ACTFL OPI scores of Advanced High). You can also acquire deep cultural knowledge in specific focus areas of study, as well as a broad view of Russian culture and the issues that make it tick, and work with faculty to develop your own area of inquiry.


Study Abroad Opportunities

  • Language for Business and Technology Program in Riga, Latvia, and St. Petersburg, Russia
  • Exchange Program at Peter the Great St. Petersburg State Polytechnic University. The program can be completed in many disciplines including International Affairs and Engineering (Mechanical, Biomedical, Chemical, Electrical), Computer Science and Math)


GT-Политех Scholarship

The GT-Политех Scholarship supports students to study for up to a year at the Peter the Great St. Petersburg State Polytechnic University. It covers tuition and dormitory fees. Students live with native-speaker roommates in the university dormitory. Please contact Stuart Goldberg for more information.