Change the Conversation. Launch a Global Career.

An Interdisciplinary, Cross-Cultural Experience

Change the Conversation. Launch a Global Career.

Launch a career that can shape the future. The Master of Science in Global Media and Cultures is a joining program between the School of Literature, Media, and Communications and the School of Modern Languages at Georgia Tech. This unique humanities program merges curricular offerings from both Schools and gives students the opportunity to engage in advanced research and training that combines cross-cultural competence, language acquisition, and media and communications expertise with global and cultural research.

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Global Perspective

  • Broaden your horizons by applying theoretical frameworks to global societies
  • Learn how media, language, and culture shape human society and impact innovation

Media Expertise

  • Expand your media skills through coursework and a self-selected final project
  • Take the next steps toward your future

Cultural Competencies

  • Apply your knowledge to real-world issues across a variety of cultures
  • Gain fluency and cultural expertise in a high-impact world region



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