An Interdisciplinary, Personalized Approach

The M.S. in Global Media and Cultures is an interdisciplinary joint degree offered by the School of Modern Languages and the School of Literature, Media, and Communication.

Our program prepares students to pursue professional careers that require advanced training in communication and media as well as expertise in a particular linguistic region of the world. We combine a strong foundation in media and cultural studies with advanced training in a critical global language. Hands-on cross-cultural experience is an important component of our program. Through graduate assistantships, internships, a final project, and a career portfolio, students can customize their experience to their own career goals.


For our students to succeed in a global economy, they will need to possess a new set of skills that were not required for the success of prior generations of Americans. Regional expertise, cross-cultural competence, and advanced language proficiency are no longer skills reserved only for those who plan for a career overseas. They are skills that will enhance any career field, encourage international investment to our state, and develop a workforce that is successful in working on diverse international teams to collaborate and solve global problems.

       –Mission of the Georgia Department of Education

School of Modern Languages


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School of Literature, Media, and Communication


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