Not Evil! Manga Translation

Project Format: Manga Translation with Literature Review, Research, and Analysis

The project consisted of the translation of a manga titled Not Evil! which is a work of fantasy that included Japanese elements such as culture, ghosts, and urban legends. My goals for the project included an exploration into "scanlation," which is amateur fan translation of manga. My translation of the manga went through the various stages of scanlation, such as translation, proofreading, cleaning, redrawing, typesetting, and quality checking. I also conducted research on manga translation and then more specifically the scanlation community, exploring the various literature that has be published on the subject, as well as entering and communicating with several members of the community.

"I initially chose to translate this manga because I am familiar with the author's work in other fields, such as illustration and game development. Although my intention was originally the translation of the manga, I found that manga translation involves much more work than pure translation and that I was given a lot more creative freedom with image editing and typesetting." - Nah

Amanda Weiss, Brad Rittenhouse
Nathania Nah
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