News: What is a Global Career: Sten Saluveer on Human Communication in the Future of Innovation

Sten Saluveer, CEO of Storytek

Posted March 27, 2019

The 21st Century Career Design Studio interviewed Sten Saluveer, CEO and Founder of Storytek, a company that matches talented entrepreneurs from around the world with mentors who can bring their projects to life. A video of the interview is available on YouTube.

"Learning a language unlocks your knowledge about how societies and people operate," Saluveer said, speaking to the students of JAPN 4113: Advanced Reading and Listening in Japanese, taught by Dr. Amanda Weiss, Visiting Assistant Professor of Japanese. 

Japanese is one of six languages that Saluveer speaks, including, English, Estonian, and Russian. He spoke to the class in a video conference from Tallinn, Estonia, where Storytek is based. 

Saluveer emphasized the critical importance of storytelling for the future of technological innovation. "We are living in a time of exponential growth in the second machine age. Things that 10 years ago were unimaginable, in the next 5-10 years they will be totally fine....We really need storytellers and people who understand both technology and language and humanities to communicate that change to the world." 

Storytek is an organization trying to do exactly that. The company mobilizes media producers, storytellers, and content creators to "help creatives and early-stage companies to develop business and fast-track their content, products, and services to the global markets" (Storytek website). 

Communications and international business development is just one career path for students who pursue language and cultural studies. The 21st Century Career Design Studio will continue to be exploring what it means to have a global career today, so stay tuned for more videos coming soon!

This interview is part of a series on the role of the humanities and language study in 21st century careers, "What is a Global Career?" It was produced by Dr. Amanda Weiss and Dr. Jenny Strakovsky. 

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