Program Vision

In the global city of Atlanta, we know first-hand that cross-cultural agility and media literacy are the heartbeat of today’s marketplace.

According to Deloitte's 2016 Human Capital Trends report, "sweeping global forces are reshaping the workplace,” changing the role of management into one “focused on understanding and creating a shared culture.” Companies need team members who can think creatively, communicate across diverse teams, and read between the lines. From engineering to business, design, and media, innovation in almost every field is driven by the skills taught through cross-cultural education: adaptability, creativity, and communication.

The Graduate Program in Global Media and Cultures is a suite of Master's level training opportunities currently under development at the School of Modern Languages and the School of Literature, Media, and Communication, with support from the Provost's Commission on Creating the Next in Education. We are thrilled to be launching two highly innovative Master of Science degrees this admissions season, with additional programs in development.


Master of Science in Global Media and Cultures

Chinese | French | German | Japanese | Russian | Spanish

30 credit hours | 12 months of full-time study or part-time available

The 30-credit hour MS-GMC is planned as a joint program by the School of Modern Languages and School of Literature, Media, and Communication. It provide a unique combination of training in media and design, cultural leadership, and a high-impact global language. The MS-GMC's program of study reflects the signature strengths of the Graduate Program: rigorous training in essential 21st century skills, hands-on opportunities abroad, and a bilingual professional portfolio that positions students for the next step in their career.


Master of Science in Applied Language and Intercultural Studies

Spanish | 30 credit hours | 12 months of full-time study or part-time available

The Master of Science in Applied Language and Intercultural Studies (Spanish) offers intensive mastery of the cultural and social issues of Spain and Latin America, preparing graduates for professional leadership roles in a variety of international organizations. Available as a 5-year BS/MS for current Georgia Tech undergraduates. Students have opportunities to study in Mexico, Ecuador, Peru, and Spain, as well as to build personalized hands-on opportunities for research and study abroad with the faculty.


5-year BS/MS in Applied Language and Intercultural Studies 

The 5-year BS/MS-ALIS allows students majoring in Applied Language and Intercultural Studies (ALIS) to continue their studies to gain an advanced degree that qualifies them for leadership positions in a variety of careers--including management, international business, globally oriented design and engineering, and communications.

Students participating in this program can count up to 6 credit hours of graduate-level coursework for both degrees (the Graduate Course Option). BS/MS-ALIS Students enroll in SPAN 6500 Intercultural Seminar in their final BS semester, as both the BS-ALIS Capstone and MS-ALIS core course. 


Programs under design:

Graduate Certificates for 21st Century Leadership

Graduate certificates offer a targeted opportunity for advanced students and professionals to master skills and knowledge that are essential for a global business, such as cross-cultural communication, sustainability in cultural practice, language and technology, empathy and unconscious bias, or international media. Please check back for more information and updates.


  The MS-GMC has been approved by the USG Board of Regents and is pending approval of our accrediting body SACSCOC. Applications are being accepted; however, offers of admission will be made after SACSCOC approval has been granted.